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New airport terminal read

Airport manager Ibernon Martins Gomes, announ ...
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Brazil at the Travel exhi
Opening hours:

Friday 2 March: 11:00 ...
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Brasilian Carnaval show -
Brazilian Carnaval is an annual event at Cosmopo ...
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Norway won World Cup gold
Wild enjoy scenes played out on the floor of the G ...
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The Match Schedule WC2014

See grapich overview in FIFA's hompegage:

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Aker have big plans in Br

- This is not a bubble. The findings we talk ...
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Great World Cup chance fo
PS: Natal is one of the host cities for the foot ...
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This dreams 500 000 Norwe

You do not need a large palace, if you buy a se ...
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Rio de Janeiro's Carnival
COVERED in confetti and to the sound of drums, Rio ...
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Several press briefings about our projects and/or areas where our projects are located. 29. April 2010.
Commercial property upswing continues

Commercial property transactions rose across the majority of the globe with Peru, Brazil and Singapore leading the way.
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Tribuna do Norte , 14. April  2010.
Emprotur renews charter agreement for Amsterdam / Natal
In a meeting at the Company Potiguar Tourism Promotion (Emprotur) on Tuesday (13), the Dutch operator Fly Brazil confirmed the operation of charter flight Amsterdam-Natal by the end of 2011.
Altogether, the state has six international charters: two from Italy, two from Portugal, one from Holland and one from Spain, which will come into activity also in July.
Read more (Engelsk oversettelse, google)
Read more (Portugisisk, original)
Tribuna do Norte , 18. March 2010.
Charter from Spain to Natal starts in July
From the 6th of July 2010, Natal will receive circa 300 passangeres weekly, from a charter airplane from Madrid in Spain to Natal.
Read more (English translation, google)
Read more (Portuguese, original) 8. March 2010.
Conservative investments, strong local markets help Brazilian funds boom

Real estate has proven to be one of the best investment opportunities in the current climate and looks set to remain so for the foreseeable future. 

Pinheiro explained: “The increase in income per capita, along with a package of mortgage facilities launched by the government, might have a booming effect in the real estate sector, and some funds are already moving on this direction. PREVI for instance, announced its intention to double the real estate share in the assets portfolio from 2.7% to 5% in the next five years and launched a corporate governance code for the real estate sector.” The fact that Brazil will be hosting both the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016 is already affecting housing prices. 
Read more 7. January 2010.
Carlyle buys majority stake in Brazil's CVC

U.S.-based buyout firm Carlyle Group bought 63.6 percent of CVC Turismo, Brazil's largest tourism agency, for an undisclosed amount, as the private equity firm casts about for deals in fast-growing emerging market economies.
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PropertyWire 30. November 2009.
Popular location for international property investors to host major industry event in Brazil

Natal, which is also popular among Brazilian real estate investors and set to be one of the host cities for the 2014 Football World Cup, will see a huge influx for the three day Nordeste Invest event which kicks off on the 10th of May next year.
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DiariodeNatal, 25. November 2009.
Natal gets R$ 387 mill for the World Cup 2014

Among the projects is a major axis linking the airport of Sao Goncalo do Amarante, the Station of the City of Hope, the Arena of the Dunes and the entrance of Coastal Highway. The section will include three exclusive lanes for buses on the avenues Felizardo Moura, Napoleon and Laureano Captain Major Gouveia.
Read more (English translation google)
Read more (Portuguese, original)
L-T Herald Tribune 11. November 2009.
Brazil Growing at Annual Rate of 5%, Government Says
RIO DE JANEIRO – Brazil’s economy is growing at an annual rate of 5 percent after being in a recession until the first quarter of this year, and it could end 2009 with growth of 1 percent, Finance Minister Guido Mantega said on Tuesday.
Read more, 4. November 2009.
Brazil’s Real Estate Market All Set For Exponential Growth

There has never been a better time to invest in real estate in Brazil.
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Maxpress, 29. October 2009.
The goverment in Rio Grande do Norte invests in better roads

The government plans to invest R$ 350 million over the next three years in the paving of 403.2 kilometers of state highways, including access for 29.3 kilometers to the international airport being built in São Gonçalo do Amarante near Christmas. In all interventions it will be 28 programs for construction of roads, whose bids must occur by December this year, the month also provided for the commencement of works and expected completion by the end of 2011.
Read more (English translation google)
Read more (Portuguese, original), 29. October 2009.
The minister guarantees the new airport
The Minister of Institutional Relations, Alexandre Padilha, presented to the Governor Wilma de Faria, in open court yesterday in Brasilia, the official schedule of the works of the airport of Sao Goncalo do Amarante. For the minister, the new airport work is "irreversible". He confirmed that the tender for the start of work will be open next January.
Read more (English translation google)
Read more (Portuguese, original)
PropertyWire 22. October 2009.
Mortgages for foreign property investors in Brazil expected within the next 12 months

The government and property industry in Brazil is putting pressure on the countries banks to offer financing options to foreign investors who want a mortgage to buy real estate.
Read more 16. October 2009.
Investing in Brazil

Stunning natural beauty, year round sunshine in many parts of the country and a friendly population together with a stable political and economical climate, makes Brazil one of the top tourist and investment destinations in the world.
Read more 14. October 2009.
DJ Goldman's O'Neill: Brazil Can Sustain 5% Annual Growth
"Brazil is in a very sweet spot," O'Neill told reporters during a Brazil tour. "Our projections show average growth for Brazil over the next ten years of 4.0% to 4.5%. But we're beginning to think it could be more like 5%."
Read more 2. October 2009.
Olympics 2016: Tearful Pele and weeping Lula greet historic win for Rio
Just two years after Brazil hosts the World Cup in 2014 and 120 years after the first modern Games, they will come to South America for the first time as IOC members overwhelmingly bought into Brazil's vision for expanding the Olympic movement into new territories and turbocharging economic development.
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DN Online, 10. August 2009.
Minister Dilma Rousseff announces expansion of CAP in Rio Grande do Norte

To the Minister, the work of CAP is responsible for the first signs of recovery in economy. "Brazil is leaving the crisis behind," she said, estimating that the level of growth is between 3.5 to 4% per year.
Read more (Engelsk oversettelse, google)
Read more (Portugisisk, original)
BOL Notícias, 22. July 2009.
Natals World Cup 2014 sees the chance to 'invest in people'.

The investment in training of the population is one of the goals of the city of Natal to prepare the city for the 2014 World Cup, starting next year with foreign language courses free of charge (english and spanish).
The Federal Government will invest around 1 billion euros in the 12 host cities of 2014 World Cup by the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC).
Read more (Engelsk oversettelse, google)
Read more (Portugisisk, original)
Tribuna do Norte, 22. July 2009.
Government invests R$ 10 million to clean up 100% of Pipa and Tibau do Sul.

Known internationally for its natural beauty, the beaches of Tibau do Sul and Pipa will be fully restored by the State Government through the Water and Sewage Company of Rio Grande do Norte (Caern).
Read more (Engelsk oversettelse, google)
Read more (Portugisisk, original)

Financial Times, 6. July 2009.
Dancing through the economic crisis

"If talk of green shoots makes sense anywhere in the world it is in Brazil, an emerging world leader in farming, mining, oil, even investment banking, and with a home market its rivals can only dream of."
Read more 11. June 2009.
Brazil to lend IMF 10 billion dollars, first loan ever
Brazil will join other big emerging economies and lend money to the International Monetary Fund, contributing $10 billion in a move that President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva hopes will give it more sway in reforming the multilateral lender.
Read more 31. May 2009.
Fotball World Cup in Natal!

Today FIFA confirmed that Natal is one of the cities to arrange the fotbool World Cup in 2014.
Read more 28. May 2009.
Why investing in property abroad is still a good idea - if you're careful

Is buying property overseas still a good idea? International lawyer JOHN HOWELL looks at the issues for investors.
Read more 9. May 2009.
Rio Grande do Norte(Natal) won Brasils Miss Universe ceremony 2009
Newly crowned 'Miss Brazil 2009' Larissa Costa of Rio Grande do Norte state receives the crown from 2008 winner Natalia Anderle during the official crowning ceremony at the Latin America Memorial in Sao Paulo.
Read more 18. April 2009.
The Crafty Superpower
By turns charming and cagey, cool to America and close to Obama, Lula is building a unique regional giant.
Read more 02. April 2009.
House Prices Rise For First Time Since 2007 in UK

House prices rose for the first time in 16 months during March, according to a report by the Nationwide.
Read more, 17. March 2009.
Brazil's President Lula says G7 nations no longer speak for the world

Lula, who leads one of the emerging 'BRIC' economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China, has positioned himself as a spokesman for the world's poorer nations, particularly in trade talks.
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Seeking Alpha/Emerginvest, 11. February 2009.
China and Brazil Offer Positive Emerging Market Returns
The two poster-children of the emerging markets from the last quarter are Brazil and China, posting 13.0% and 21.8% respective returns in just the last quarter.
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Goldman Sachs, February 2009.
BRIC countries
Over the next 50 years, Brazil, Russia, India and China—the BRICs economies—could become a much larger force in the world economy. We map out GDP growth, income per capita and currency movements in the BRICs economies until 2050.
Read more (see the movie link to right)
Tribuna do Norte, 14.01.2009.
The new airport in Natal has completed the first phase
Jarno Silva stressed that the extension of the runway (3 thousand meters) will make the airport São Gonçalo do Amarante the only South American airport to receive future Airbus A380 aircraft, with a capacity of 555 passengers, and aircraft that are already designated as Boeing 797, for about one thousand passengers.
Read more (English translation google)
Read more (Portuguese, original)
World Politics Review, 12.01.2009.
Brazil: The Sleeping Giant Awakens?
In recent years, Brazil has generated a level of international interest and excitement that was wholly unexpected and unpredictable as little as 10 years ago. As one of the so-called BRIC countries -- the emerging powers of Brazil, Russia, India and China -- Brazil has been drawing increasing attention on a variety of fronts.
Read more, 17.12.2008
Two weekly flights to Natal
From 17th January 2009, TAP Portugal have two weekly flights to Natal from Lisbon, which offers travelers from Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen very good connection with the Brazilian vacation paradise, Natal.
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Knut Bjoernsen, 01.02.2008.
We’re betting on Brazil!
Imagine walking barefoot on the beach!
"This is the best and cheapest holiday we’ve had since we were went camping as youngsters!! " says Oddrun Lillerud, leader in Møre og Romsdal county of Norwegian Psoriasis Associaton.

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Sol Grupo, 20.11.2008.
New economic world order
What seems clear is that the financial crisis is forcing out a new economic world order in the sense that countries with strongly growing economies, like China, India and Brazil now enjoy greater influence in the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

In contrast to shares, and trends in the financial market is property often a safe investment. You know exactly what money is spent on.
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BBC Sport, 30.10.2007.
Brazil will stage 2014 World Cup
Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said: "Soccer is more than a sport for us, it's a national passion."
The city Natal is one of twelve candidates to arrange the World Cup
Les mer
Bergens Tidende, 25.07.2007.
Brazil-record in the shadow of China
The Brazil stock exchange index is pulled up by Chinas growth. The same happens with the countrys export in several areas.
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Great, May 2007.
Sol do Atlantico Resort & Spa
A great place, both the location and the project. Only 35 minutes from the airport. Sol do Atlântico is situated on a scenic ridge, with a magnificent view of the ocean...

Page 1 and 2
Kamille, March 2007.
Land of happines
Untouched beaches, tropical jungle and colourful small towns. Slum og siliconbreasts. Hypnotizing drums and sparkling joy of life. We become seduced by Brazils spiritfull northeastcoast..

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Elle, February 2007.
Praia de Pipa
The Northeast region of Brazil seduces you with virginal beaches and world class surfing. The bohemian fishertown Pipa is all you dream about..

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Bergensavisen, 27. November 2006.
Go for Brazil
The elderly people buys property in Spain, but the younger people buys in Brazil. – It is the place where the growth will be biggest..

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Sunn Økonomi by Provisa Informasjon, bilag til Dagbladet , 2. Oktober 2006.
The last affordable paradise
Football, carneval, samba and summer all the year. Brazil's economy is steadily increasing, it makes it very favourable to invest in a flat or bungalow where the Atlantic Ocean meets South-Americas sunny beaches.

Notaravisen, Møre og Romsdal, August 2006
Who told you that dreams cant come true
Long and cold winters, and a half-year without "niceweatherguarantee" have done that more and more norwegians is looking longer south in their search for a vacation apartment. Many people is renting - more and more wants to buy their own..
Bolig i Utlandet, Feb/Mars 2006
Norwegians in paradise
We take a trip outside the big cities of Natal and Fortaleza. Here we find charming contrasts and warm-hearted local civilians - and well known and unknown norwegians who enjoys their new paradise.

Dagbladet, 23.11.2005
An ola-ola at Netto in Natal
There are still Brazilians who dominate I Natal, in Rio Grande do North provins in Brazil.
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Bergens Tidende, 16.10.2005
Paradise for unbelievable prize
Brazil is far away from Norway. Yet Norwegians buy property like most people would not believe. We visited the two vacation spots, Natal and Fortaleza in Northern Brazil, and we are no longer surprised…
Page1 - Page2 - Page3
Property abrouad, May/June 2005
The untouched paradise
Brazil is far away from Norway. Yet Norwegians buy property like most people would not believe. We visited the two vacation spots, Natal and Fortaleza in Northern Brazil, and we are no longer surprised…
Frontpage - page1 - page2 - page3 - page4
VG, 19.03.2005
Hot all year round
Fantastic beaches, delicious food and drinks and a perfect climate. The worst thing about Natal, is that vacation one day will end…
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Dagbladet, 26.03.2005

Natal, city of arts and bohem North East, Brazil, has completely taken over as the perfect vacation spot. Yet the tourists only experience a small piece of this almost-paradise.
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