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Useful information (NatalGuide)


We get a lot of questions concerning Natal. Therefore we will try to answer them as well as possible here. If there are any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Natal is located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, which lies approximately 50 miles south of the equator. Due to the stable climate and the low cost of living, tourism is expanding rapidly and this will be reflected in price level in the years to come.
Natal is a city with approx. 800.000 inhabitants and there are many attraction sites, for instance the fort Reis Magos, a fort from 1598. Boutiques, shopping malls, restaurants and bars which will all cater for every taste. Here you will find everything from food and drinks, clothes, shoes, leather, jewellery, electrical appliances and more.

In Ponta Negra there are about 350.000 inhabitants. Here you find markets, shops and many wonderful restaurants. Ponta Negra beach is a fantastic experience; here they come to sell you everything from sunglasses to nice hammocks. It is from this beach you get a view of the well known sand dune at the end of the beach. This is a beautiful beach where people from all over the world come to experience the lovely atmosphere and the beautiful area. At night time there are lots of people out walking on the beach promenade, and there are musicians and dancers in the streets (especially during weekends). Here you can also get tickets to go on beach buggy trips: they go to Pipa, which lies in the south, or towards the beautiful sand dune North of Natal.

Buzios/Tabatinga lies approximately 20 min drive from Ponta Negra. On the way, you will pass the local areas with shops and fruit stands, where there is fresh fruit in all varieties. You will also see the world’s largest cashew-nut tree. In Buzios/Tabatinga you will find grocery stores and restaurants. In this area there are many water parks with lots of activities for young and old. Here you will also find the beautiful fresh water laguna Arituba, with activities such as cycle boats, paddle canoeing, rope slide and restaurants. There are lots of fresh water lagoons in the area around Buzios, here you may bring picnics and enjoy the calmness for the entire day alone, to those who like a vacation on their own.

From here to Pipa, you will have to ride a beach buggy, you will drive along the sandy beach towards a small, cozy boat, and it takes around 10 minutes. From here you come to a lovely place just outside of Pipa, which has restaurants and bars. Tourists come from everywhere to experience the unique atmosphere at night. The beach in Pipa is called, Amore meaning the beach of love. It is very romantic and it suits its name.

North of Natal you will find beautiful beaches and good restaurants. It is still developing here but is a place to watch out for in the future. In Genipabu you will find fantastic sandy beaches and you may even have the opportunity to do some camel riding. We recommend that you rent a beach buggy if you plan a trip up north. Natals largest water park lies in Maracajau, and it is great fun for young and old. The park is near the beach where you may ask for a boat trip to shallow waters where you can snorkle and dive among exotic fish and coral reefs.


Travelguide information

The number of inhabitants:
Natal approx. 800.000, Ponta Negra approx. 350.000

From airport in Natal to Ponta Negra, approx. 10 min
From the airport in Natal to Buzios, approx. 30 min.

Transportation connection:
Well-developed bus routes all over Natal. Taxicabs are available for greater distance.

Accepted most places, but for the most part only VISA. ATM´s are accessible almost anywhere in Natal and Ponta Negra.

Ponta Negra has many kilometers of white, sandy beach. Buzios has many kilometers of a white, sandy beach (At times there are big tidal waves). Tabatinga has a long sandy beach and several fresh water lagoons.

Natal has got a lot to offer to those who like sports and excitement. A great variety of water sport activities, for instance Windsurfing, paragliding, water skiing, sand boarding, diving, tennis, golf, riding and cycling.

Natal/Ponta Negra is the entrance of enjoyment. A vast variety of restaurants, nightclubs, discos, and bars.

Food and drinks:
Average price for a dinner for 2 included 1 drink, approx. 60, - NOK. One beer, approx. 6, - NOK.

Children friendly:
Brazilians are very engaged in the welfare of children.

In Brazil the value is in real. 1 real is 2.9,- NOK (may vary).

How to get from Norway to Natal?
There are plenty of opportunities. For instance, there is a charter flight direct from Gardermoen to Natal. This trip costs approximately 5.000, - NOK. (Travel takes about 10-11 hours) From Gardermoen there are flights to Natal all year via TAP Air (Somewhat more expensive than charter) From Amsterdam and Lisboa there are flights to Natal all year long.

How to get from Natal to Buzios?
There are buses that go to the selected areas, but taxi is recommended. Cost: From airport to Buzios, approx. 100,- NOK. From Buzios to Ponta Negra every 20 minutes. And the bus stops along the way as required. One can stand alongside the road and wait for a bus which is headed for Natal.

How to get from Ponta Negra to Pipa?
You can hire a beach buggy and drive south of Ponta Negra. Price converted to Real is approx. 150,- per night. Beach buggy, roundtrip in Real to Pipa, costs approx. 200,- per trip/4 persons. Taxi, agreed price 8 hours, price in Real approx 200,- per trip/4 persons.

How to get to North Natal?
For a pleasant trip to Natal, you can go by taxi or hire a car. If you plans to visit the sandy beaches in Genipabu, you must drive a beach buggy. Departure is usually around 8 a.m. (this trip is highly recommended). Prize in Real is approx. 200,- per trip /4 persons.

How to get to Maracajau(waterpark)?
This is a good place to have a hire car. Travel time from Natal to the water park is approx. 1 hour (8 miles). Ask for a map when you hire a car! Price in real is approx.100,- per day.

How to get to sea fishing?
You will find it in Natal city center, by the marine. Ask 1-2 days in advance. Aprox. 1-2 hours out to sea are the best fishing areas; there it is possible to fish for smaller and bigger fish, for example Swordfish. Price is approx. 1 000,- Real for up to 8 people, including food and drink.

Which restaurants to recommend? (A couple of examples)
Tibua De Carne, specialty meats.
Camaroes speciality seafood.
Mezzano, specialty Italian.
Guinza, specialty Japaneese.

These are just a few of the restaurants recommended, from the many hundreds there are to choose from in Natal.

Which parties to recommend? (A couple of examples)
La mambo
Beach promenade in Ponta Negra (open until 12-1 a.m.)
Party street in Ponta Negra by Salsa bar (from 10 p.m.-3 a.m.) Other disco’s in Ponta Negra (from 11 p.m. till late midnight hours) In Ponte Negra there is a versatile party life, where anyone can find what they prefer.

Where to shop? (A couple of examples)
Carrefour is enormous in size.
Natal shopping is the largest in Natal.
Centro Natal shops in the city center.
Petropolis fashion shops in Natal ( designer clothing).
Praia shopping, decent size. Cinema (English speaking).

How to make a phone call from Brazil to Norway?
First dial +47 followed by the Norwegian telephone number. Norwegian mobile phones with a subscription work in Natal.

Do I need a vaccine?
Contact your local health department; they will give you the necessary vaccination and information.

Which power voltage is there?
The normal power voltage is (220 volt, 60 Hz)

What about crime in Natal?
According to the newspaper Epoca (corresponds Illustrated science) Natal is the safest place in all of Brazil. But of course one has to be aware of the standard precautions when out traveling.

What is the time difference?
There is a 5 hour time difference between Norway and Natal. When it is 6 p.m. in Norway, it is 1 p.m. daytime in Natal. (+1 hour depends on summertime)

Have a great journey to fantastic Natal!