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Norways leading real estate broker

Notar has developed to be the Norways most famous and most chosen real estate broker since they become established in 1986.

With offices in the most of the norwegian cities, we cover almost the whole country, supplied with the expanding abroad. We sell property in Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Turkey. Our recent market is selling holidayapartments in Brazil.

Every correspondence, writing of contracts, register of land is between SOL Empreendimentos Imobiliarios Ltda(SOL) and the buyer. Before the co-operation between SOL, Notar have in advance controlled that everything is okay. This for making sure to have a good co-operation between both parties.

The undersigned salesmanager/broker have experience from over 1000 sold properties in Norway and has visited Brazil several times. I have visited Rio de Janeiro, the Natal area and further north to Fortaleza. I have also been on the lots, had several meetings with the partners in SOL. And met the brazilian lawjer that is responsible for the register of land. Just call me or send me an e-mail, and I will explain and transfer the good impressions as good as I can.

Good luck with your evaluations!

Stian Grøtte

Notars agent for Brazil
+47 55 55 97 50
+47 92 86 85 79