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Legal assistance

We have a near and good cooperation with Celma Regina Hellebust in Hellebust International Consultant. She is a brasilian lawyer that lives in Norway.

She is born in Brasil where she got her education as a lawyer. She have practised as a lawyer in Sao Paulo in 10 years. Together with her status as a brasilian lawyer in Norway, she maintain her brasilian approval as a lawyer.

In 1999 she moved to Norway. In 2002 she got a licence for working with legal aid in the country. With this license she have the right to use the brasilian title: "advogada" in Norway. In 2003 she started her own business. She is member of the Norwegian Lawyer Association.

She speaks and writes norwegian, english, italian and spanish, and is fluent on portugese.

Some of the services that is offered:

  • tax questions in Brasil
  • evaluation of documents and contracts from the third party (not SOL), that is necessary for a person that wants to live in Brasil permanently.
  • counselling about tax form for people that have bought property in Brasil.
  • right of inheritance in Brasil
  • consumer laws in Brasil
  • counselling about residence permit in Brasil.